Mission Vision Values

Our mission is to assist our clients in developing and maintaining sustainable ICT solutions



  • Reliability and Security: implementing practices that reflect a high level of competence and security awareness. Using this awareness to create robust and secure ICT infrastructures.We aim to maintain the utmost levels of service for our clients and strive to be at the forefront of the ICT industry.
  • Client engagement: enhancing our clients’ understanding of ICT in the workplace and employing it effectively for profitability.
  • Synergy and effectiveness: striving to be a collaborative, efficient and effective company that is recognized and known for high quality service.



The values of Mantaq Solutions are at the core of all that we, as a company, do. Our commitment to applying the values to the way we work makes us unique amongst other, similar, ICT companies.



We seek to understand our clients’ needs and work alongside them towards profitable solutions.

We strive to reinforce pro-active measures to assist business’ saving time and money. We coordinate procedures to facilitate being an active participant in our business relationships.  The constant changes in ICT development create new security challenges which we understand as a business. Together we share a common goal to maintain, update and transform robust ICT infrastructure in the workplace.


People First

We give priority to people before money and tailor recommendations and services according to the nature and size of individual organisations.

Our organisation recognizes and values the dignity and respect of each individual in working relationships. We appreciate workplace diversity by distinguishing personality, culture and contribution of each person.

Our organisation supports a workplace that is open, empowering and dynamic for all. Staff are encouraged to participate in professional, personal and spiritual development.



We are responsive to our client’s queries where our involvement is needed and appropriate. We are willing to take quick intelligent actions due to Mantaq’s foundation of experience and ICT awareness.

We understand the importance of stabilising our client’s environment midst a crisis and implement this through our support stage triage system. Mantaq ensures our clients have minimal or no down time with this specialised arrangement.

We are committed to providing clients an efficient, sustainable IT environments. We as a company will maintain this relationship through ongoing learning, innovation and flexibility.