Small Business Server Network Solutions

Build momentum for your business with intelligent Server Network Solutions whether starting out or expanding!

Mantaq simplifies your IT Server Network challenges whether your business is in start-up mode or an evolving IT infrastructure! Our experienced engineers in enterprise level functionality will identify the challenges and guide you through the each phase of your IT journey.

Improve your staff efficiency and communication by investing in the best solutions for your business. Speak to a friendly Mantaq engineer to discuss your business options for virtualisation, web infrastructure, IT infrastructure or business processing.


Server Solutions Services include:


  •  Implement structure that will allow your business to grow and change as your business does
  • Microsoft Exchange E-mail and Collaboration Server
  • Active Directory network structure
  • Group based file security and permissions
  • SQL Database Server support
  • Electronic faxing solution
  • Firewall ensuring network security
  • SharePoint internal business website
  • Sharing files, emails, internet printers and scanners
  • Access information remotely (Smart Phone & iPhone Synchronisation)
  • Nominated staff provided access to files and emails remotely
  • Back up and disaster recovery services


Phase 1:

  • Connecting employees
  • Securing network
  • Data breaches associated with lost devices
  • Security breaches with employees who have left the company
  • Ability to manage server from remote location


Phase 2:

  • Connecting remote offices
  • Security
  • Increasing IT support requirements
  • Ability to manage servers at remote locations


Phase 3

  • Scalability: meet various devices, access points and application requirements
  • Access to both on-site, as well as cloud applications and data
  • Remote access policies